As I said earlier, I really love to travel and is open to new experiences! The world is so huge and diverse! First of all, I want to visit wonderful places in the United States in good company of a gentleman. I have a special offer for traveling with you! Listed below are the places I want to go. But if you have any new ideas, contact me and we will discuss! Discover and try new things, go for a walk, dine on terraces with beautiful views, enjoy the ocean on cruises, climb the mountains, ski, swim, enjoy magical sunsets and gentle dawns, look at the stars and talk about the eternal!  We can laugh, kiss, hug, give each other joy and unforgettable memory. And ... the nights will be ours)) And I know how to surprise you!


2 days (1 night) of great trip  - only 3000 $ ! 



 (of course,2 days is not enough, let's discuss the details)


Santa Barbara 

Las Vegas 

Lake Tahoe

Yellowstone park 

Napa Valley






             ....enjoy life - how beautiful it is!